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LG Dryer Error Codes

LG Dryer Error Code: HS

HS error code on the LG Dryer’s display indicates that the dryer has detected an error with the HUMIDITY SENSOR. The HS error code will cause the LG Dryer to run for ½ hour, which may seem as though the dryer is not drying.

Troubleshooting the HS Error Code:

  1. Locate and Clean the Humidity Sensor:
    First, locate the humidity sensor inside the dryer. It’s typically positioned just below the lint filter, and it might look like a small metal or plastic component.
  2. Cleaning the Humidity Sensor:
    Carefully clean the humidity sensor using a soft cloth or cotton swab. Make sure to remove any lint, debris, or residue that may have accumulated on the sensor. A dirty or obstructed sensor can lead to inaccurate moisture readings and trigger the HS error code.
  3. Allow the Sensor to Dry:
    After cleaning the humidity sensor, it’s crucial to allow it to fully dry before attempting another drying cycle. This ensures accurate sensor readings during the next use.
  4. Restart the Dryer:
    With the humidity sensor cleaned and dried, restart your LG Dryer. Power it on, select your desired settings, and initiate a drying cycle. If you’ve successfully addressed the issue, the HS error code should no longer be displayed, and your dryer should function as expected.

What If the Error Persists?

If the HS error code persists after cleaning the humidity sensor and allowing it to dry, it may indicate a more complex issue with the sensor itself or another part of the dryer. In such cases, it’s advisable to contact LG customer support or a certified appliance technician for a professional diagnosis and repair.

We hope this detailed troubleshooting guide assists you in resolving the HS error code on your LG Dryer effectively.

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