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LG Dryer Error Codes

LG Dryer Error Code: FO

An FO error or a flashing “INSERT FILTER” on your LG Dryer’s display can be an unexpected hiccup in your laundry routine. But fear not, as this error is often simple to resolve. In this article, we’ll explore the FO error code and provide you with steps to troubleshoot it effectively.

What Does the FO Error Code Mean?

The FO error code is your dryer’s way of telling you that something’s amiss with the lint filter. It’s essentially saying, “Check the lint filter; it’s not inserted properly!” When the lint filter isn’t securely in place, the dryer’s sensor detects this and displays FO on the screen. To get your dryer back up and running, follow these steps:

Troubleshooting the FO Error Code:

  1. Locate and Remove the Lint Filter:
    To begin addressing the FO error code, you’ll first need to find the lint filter. It’s typically located within the dryer’s door area, near the opening where you load your laundry. Look for a rectangular or square-shaped screen that can be easily pulled out. This is the lint filter.
  2. Inspect the Lint Filter:
    Once you’ve removed the lint filter, take a close look at it. Check for any visible lint or debris buildup on the filter. Over time, lint can accumulate and block the airflow. A clogged filter can trigger the FO error code, so it’s crucial to ensure it’s clean.
  3. Clean the Lint Filter:
    If you find lint or debris on the filter, it’s time to clean it. You can use a soft brush or a lint brush designed for this purpose. Gently brush away the lint from both sides of the filter. Alternatively, you can rinse the lint filter under running water until it’s thoroughly clean. However, make sure the filter is completely dry before reinserting it into the dryer.
  4. Reinsert the Lint Filter:
    Carefully place the lint filter back into its housing. Ensure that it fits securely and snugly into the slot or compartment from which you removed it. You should feel or hear it click into place when it’s properly seated.
  5. Restart the Dryer:
    With the lint filter securely in its place, it’s time to restart your LG Dryer. Power it on, select your desired settings, and initiate a drying cycle. If you’ve successfully addressed the issue, the FO error code should no longer be displayed, and your dryer should resume its normal operation.

What If the Error Persists?

If, after following these steps, the FO error code continues to appear on the display screen, it may indicate a more complex issue with the lint filter sensor or another part of the dryer itself. In such cases, it’s advisable to contact LG customer support or a certified appliance technician for a professional diagnosis and repair.

Regular maintenance of your dryer, including cleaning the lint filter after each use, can help prevent error codes and ensure the efficient and safe operation of your appliance. We hope this detailed troubleshooting guide assists you in resolving the FO error code on your LG Dryer effectively.

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