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LG Dryer Error Codes

LG Dryer Error Code: CD

The LG Dryer displays the “CD” message, which stands for “Cool Down,” during the normal drying cycle. Unlike typical error codes, “CD” is not an error but rather an informative message indicating that the dryer has entered the cool down phase of the drying cycle.

During the cool down phase, the dryer circulates room temperature air through the clothes to prevent wrinkling and make them easier to handle when the cycle is complete. It’s a standard part of the drying process and is not indicative of any malfunction or issue with the dryer.

When you see “CD” on the display, it simply means that the drying cycle is in its final phase, and the dryer is gradually cooling down the clothes before the cycle finishes. Once the cool down phase is complete, the dryer will typically display “End” or “Finished,” signaling that the cycle has concluded, and you can safely remove your dried laundry.

In summary, if your LG Dryer displays the “CD” message, there’s no need to be concerned about an error or malfunction. It’s part of the normal drying process, ensuring that your clothes come out ready to wear or fold.

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