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Kitchenaid Washer Error Codes

Kitchenaid Washer Error Code SUD

In the world of KitchenAid washers, encountering Error Code SUD signifies a suds lock, an alert triggered by an overdose of detergent during the wash cycle. This precautionary measure is designed to prevent potential damage to the washer and its components caused by an excess of soap suds.

Possible Culprits Behind the SUD Error:

A few potential factors may contribute to the SUD error. Firstly, a blocked or kinked drain hose can impede proper drainage, leading to an abundance of suds. Additionally, loose or faulty connections in the wire harness, particularly those linked to the pressure switch, drain pump, and Central Control Unit (CCU), can prompt the error. Furthermore, foreign objects or debris lodged in the drain pump may hinder efficient drainage, exacerbating the suds issue. Lastly, overloading the washer or using an excessive amount of detergent can result in increased suds formation.

Troubleshooting Steps for SUD Error:

To address the SUD error, a step-by-step approach is recommended. Begin by checking the drain hose for blockages or kinks and ensuring a clear path for drainage. Next, inspect the wire harness connections, taking care to secure any loose or faulty connections. If the drain pump is suspected to be the culprit, disconnect power, clear any debris, and reconnect. It’s also crucial to evaluate detergent usage, ensuring the correct amount is utilized. In the case of detergent overdose, running a Rinse/Spin cycle followed by a Normal cycle without additional detergent can help rectify the issue. Additionally, verifying the operation of the CCU through a diagnostic test or regular cycle is advisable.

Note on Persistent Issues:

While these troubleshooting steps can often resolve the SUD error, persistent issues may indicate a malfunctioning pump, an extra heavy load, or other underlying concerns. If the problem persists, seeking professional assistance, such as that provided by Appliance Repair Los Angeles, is recommended. Professional technicians can conduct a thorough examination, pinpoint the root cause, and implement effective solutions to restore your KitchenAid washer to optimal performance.

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