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Kitchenaid Dryer Error Codes

Kitchenaid Dryer Error Code E2

If you’ve encountered the KitchenAid Dryer Error Code E2 on your numeric display, it’s indicative of a temperature sensor circuit short. Fear not, as understanding the nature of this error and taking appropriate steps can get your dryer back in optimal working condition. Below is a detailed guide on the E2 error code and how to address it:

E2 Error Code: Temperature sensor circuit shorted. The temperature sensing circuit in your KitchenAid dryer has experienced a short, leading to the display of the E2 error code.

Possible Causes:

  1. Faulty Temperature Sensor: The temperature sensor responsible for monitoring the heat levels during drying cycles may be defective.
  2. Wiring Issues: A short circuit or damaged wiring in the temperature sensing circuit.

Troubleshooting and Resolution:

  1. Safety First: Before attempting any troubleshooting, ensure the dryer is unplugged to guarantee safety.
  2. Visual Inspection: Examine the wiring and connections associated with the temperature sensor for any visible signs of damage or wear.
  3. Check Temperature Sensor: Locate the temperature sensor in your KitchenAid dryer. Refer to the user manual if needed. Disconnect the sensor and measure its resistance using a multimeter. A significant deviation from the specified resistance indicates a faulty sensor.
  4. Replace the Temperature Sensor: If the temperature sensor is determined to be faulty, it’s advisable to replace it. Order a genuine KitchenAid replacement part to ensure compatibility.

In conclusion, understanding the nature of KitchenAid Dryer Error Code E2 and taking the necessary steps, including sensor replacement if needed, can bring your dryer back to its efficient best. Always prioritize safety and seek professional assistance for complex repairs.

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