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Kitchenaid Dishwasher Error Codes

Kitchenaid Dishwasher Error Code 9-1 or F9E1

When your KitchenAid dishwasher displays Error Code 9-1 or F9E1, it signifies a challenge in communication between the electronic control board and the diverter motor. The diverter motor is responsible for positioning the disc that directs water to either the lower or upper spray arm. In this scenario, the electronic control board is unable to detect the precise position of the diverter disc, leading to the error code.

  1. Wiring Issues:
    • Loose, disconnected, or damaged wiring leading to the diverter motor.
  2. Diverter Motor Dysfunction:
    • The diverter motor is not sending accurate position signals to the electronic control board.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Safety First:

    Unplug the dishwasher from the power source to ensure safety during troubleshooting.

  2. Inspect Wiring:
    • Carefully examine the wiring connected to the diverter motor.
    • Reconnect any loose wires and ensure there are no visible signs of damage.
  3. Check Wire Harness:
    • If the wiring appears intact, inspect the wire harness for any damage.
    • Replace the wire harness if it is compromised.
  4. Evaluate Diverter Motor:
    • If the wiring is secure, the issue likely lies with the diverter motor.
    • Consider replacing the diverter motor as it may not be sending accurate position signals to the electronic control board.
  5. Professional Assistance:
    • If troubleshooting steps do not resolve the issue, or if you are unsure about replacing components, seek professional assistance.
    • Contact Appliance Repair Los Angeles at 323-792-1970 for expert help in diagnosing and resolving KitchenAid Dishwasher Error Code 9-1 or F9E1.

Understanding and addressing Error Code 9-1 or F9E1 promptly will ensure your KitchenAid dishwasher continues to deliver optimal performance. Trust our team at Appliance Repair Los Angeles to guide you through effective solutions and keep your kitchen running seamlessly.

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