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Kenmore Washer Error Codes

Kenmore Washer Error Code DE or F22

When you see the DE or F22 error code on your Kenmore washer’s display, it indicates that there’s a problem with the door locking mechanism. This mechanism is an integral part of the washer, as it ensures the door remains securely locked during the washing cycle for safety and proper operation.

How to Fix the DE or F22 Error:

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to diagnose and resolve the DE or F22 error:

  1. Safety First: Before you start any repair work, unplug the washer from the power source and turn off the water supply.
  2. Inspect the Door Latch: Begin by checking the door latch for any visible damage, wear, or foreign objects that might be obstructing its function. If the latch is damaged or worn, it may not engage properly, leading to the error.
  3. Examine the Door Switch Assembly: The door switch assembly includes the door lock sensor. Inspect this assembly for any loose wires, loose connections, or visible damage. Sometimes, a loose wire or damaged connection can cause the door lock error.
  4. Check the Door Lock Sensor: The door lock sensor is responsible for signaling whether the door is securely locked. If it’s malfunctioning, it may send incorrect signals to the washer’s control board, triggering the error code.
  5. Replace the Faulty Part: If you find any issues with the door latch, door switch assembly, or door lock sensor, it’s recommended to replace the faulty part. Be sure to use genuine Kenmore replacement parts for optimal performance and safety.
  6. Reassemble and Test: Once you’ve replaced the faulty component, reassemble the washer and plug it back in. Run a test cycle to ensure that the DE or F22 error is resolved. If the issue persists, you may want to consult a professional technician for further diagnosis.

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