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Kenmore Range Error Codes

Kenmore Range Error Code F19

Error Code F19 can be frustrating when your lower oven is not heating. This error often points to a voltage supply problem that might prevent all elements in the range from heating correctly. Here are the steps to troubleshoot and potentially fix this issue:

1. Check Upper Oven and Surface Burners:

  • Start by checking if the upper oven elements and surface burners are heating. If none of the elements heat, it could be related to the power supply.

2. Verify House Circuit Breakers:

  • If none of the elements heat, check your house circuit breakers. Sometimes, the range may receive only 120 volts instead of the required 240 volts. It can be challenging to tell if a breaker has tripped, so try resetting both circuit breakers for the range.

3. Examine Power Cord and Terminal Block:

  • If resetting the breakers doesn’t resolve the issue, unplug the range and inspect the power cord wire connections on the terminal block. Reconnect any loose wires and replace the power cord if it’s damaged.

4. Consider Professional Service:

  • If you find no problems with the power cord or circuit breakers, it may be time to contact a service technician. They are equipped to perform live voltage checks that can be dangerous if not done correctly.

5. Diagnosing Lower Oven Element:

  • If only the lower oven elements won’t heat, unplug the range and check the wire harness connections between the lower bake element and the relay control board. Reconnect any loose wires and repair any broken wires.

6. Test the Lower Bake Element:

  • Measure the resistance of the lower bake element using a multimeter. It should read near 22 ohms of resistance through the lower bake element. If you measure infinite resistance, it’s an indication that the bake element is faulty and needs replacement.

7. Check the Lower Oven Temperature Sensor:

  • If the lower bake element is okay and no wiring problems are found, check the resistance of the lower oven temperature sensor. At room temperature (77 degrees F), it should measure around 1,090 ohms. If the resistance deviates by more than 100 ohms, it’s best to replace the lower oven temperature sensor.

Resolving Kenmore Range Error Code F19 may require some technical expertise and tools, especially when dealing with live voltage checks. If you’re uncertain or uncomfortable with these steps, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance to ensure safe and effective repairs.

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