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Kenmore Range Error Codes

Kenmore Range Error Code F16

Error Code F16 typically occurs when the control system of your Kenmore range senses that the lower oven’s temperature has exceeded 650 degrees Fahrenheit, which is too hot for safe operation. This may happen in bake or broil modes. When you encounter this error code, here’s what you can do:

1. Unplug the Range:

  • First, unplug the range from the power source to ensure your safety while addressing the issue.

2. Check the Oven Temperature Sensor:

  • Measure the resistance of the lower oven temperature sensor. At room temperature (around 77 degrees Fahrenheit), it should measure approximately 1,090 ohms. If the resistance is off by more than 100 ohms, it’s a sign that the temperature sensor is malfunctioning and needs replacement.

3. Check for Overheating:

  • If the F16 error code appears when the oven is genuinely overheating, you may need to replace the oven control board. A stuck relay on the control board can cause the overheating issue.

4. Replace the Faulty Component:

  • If the temperature sensor is the issue, replace it with a new one. Consult your Kenmore range’s manual for specific part numbers and instructions on how to replace it.

5. Oven Control Board Replacement:

  • If the oven control board is identified as the problem, it’s recommended to replace it. The control board is a critical component in regulating the oven’s temperature and other functions. A malfunctioning control board can lead to various error codes, including F16.

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