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Kenmore Range Error Codes

Kenmore Range Error Code F1, F2 or F8

Kenmore ranges are known for their reliability and cooking efficiency. However, from time to time, they may throw error codes like F1, F2, or F8, causing concerns for homeowners. One common cause of these error codes is a defective upper oven temperature sensor. In this article, we’ll delve into these error codes and guide you on how to address them effectively.

Understanding Error Codes F1, F2, and F8:

  • F1: This error code typically indicates a fault in the oven’s temperature sensor circuit. It could be caused by a defective temperature sensor or a wiring issue.
  • F2: F2 error codes usually signify problems with the oven’s temperature sensor. It suggests that the sensor is sending incorrect temperature readings to the control board.
  • F8: An F8 error code often points to a malfunction in the oven’s cooling fan motor or another component related to the cooling system.

Identifying the Issue:

If you encounter any of these error codes, it’s essential to investigate the problem further. For instance, when dealing with an F1, F2, or F8 error, you might want to focus on the upper oven temperature sensor. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Safety First: Always ensure your safety by unplugging the range and taking precautions when working on electrical components.
  2. Resistance Measurement: Using a multimeter, measure the resistance of the upper oven temperature sensor. At room temperature (around 77 degrees F or 25 degrees C), the sensor should read approximately 1,090 ohms. If the measured resistance differs by more than 100 ohms from this value, it’s a clear indication that the sensor is faulty.
  3. Sensor Replacement: If the upper oven temperature sensor is indeed defective, it’s recommended to replace it. A faulty sensor can lead to incorrect temperature readings and trigger error codes. Replacing it will help ensure your Kenmore range operates accurately.

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