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Kenmore Dryer Error Codes

Kenmore Dryer Error Code: F22 & F23

If you own a Kenmore dryer, you’re probably familiar with the convenience and efficiency it offers in your laundry routine. However, like any appliance, Kenmore dryers can encounter issues, and those enigmatic error codes can leave you scratching your head. In this article, we’ll delve into Kenmore Dryer Error Codes F22 and F23, which specifically point to an outlet thermistor failure. We’ll explore what these error codes mean and provide you with a step-by-step guide to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Understanding Kenmore Dryer Error Codes F22 and F23:

F22 and F23 are error codes that indicate an electrically open outlet temperature sensor, often referred to as a thermistor. These sensors play a critical role in regulating the temperature inside your dryer. When an error code F22 or F23 appears on your Kenmore dryer’s display, it’s telling you that there’s a problem with this temperature sensor.

Diagnosing the Issue:

If you encounter these error codes, don’t panic. You can take several steps to diagnose and potentially resolve the problem.

  1. Power Down the Dryer: First, turn off and unplug your Kenmore dryer for safety.
  2. Locate the Thermistor: The thermistor is typically found near the heating element.
  3. Check Resistance with a Multimeter: Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the thermistor. The ideal resistance for a functioning thermistor is around 10,000 ohms. Place the multimeter’s probes on the thermistor’s terminals and note the reading.
  4. Evaluate the Reading: If the multimeter displays a reading significantly different from 10,000 ohms, it’s likely that the thermistor is faulty and needs replacement.

Replacing a Faulty Thermistor:

If the resistance reading indicates a faulty thermistor, follow these steps to replace it:

  1. Order a Replacement Thermistor: Find the correct replacement part for your Kenmore dryer model.
  2. Unplug the Dryer: For safety, ensure the dryer is disconnected from the power source.
  3. Access the Thermistor: Open the dryer cabinet or access panel to reach the thermistor. Refer to your dryer’s user manual for specific instructions.
  4. Remove and Replace: Carefully disconnect the old thermistor and install the new one in its place.
  5. Reassemble and Test: Reassemble the dryer, plug it back in, and run a test cycle to confirm that the error codes have disappeared.

By following these steps, you can address Kenmore Dryer Error Codes F22 and F23, restoring your dryer’s optimal performance.


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