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GE Washer Major Issues

GE Washer Water Temperature Problems

If you get cold water when you set the washer for a hot-wash load, first make sure the water heater is doing its job. (FYI, if the water is warm instead of hot, your ENERGY STAR washer is following Department of Energy standards that limit hot water to 85-95 degrees F for the Normal cycle.)

Check to see if hot and cold water supply hoses connected to the back of the washer are reversed. Connect the supply hoses properly if you find them reversed.

If the water heater is fine, the water supply hoses are connected properly and the water comes into the washer warm when you set it for cold, then the washing machine water temperature control may not be working. Washing machines have various water temperature controls. Some washers use switches and others use electronic control boards to control water temperature. If your washer uses a temperature selector switch, the switch may need replacing. If your washer uses an electronic temperature control board or the main control board controls water temperature, then you may need to replace the control board that controls water temperature.

The washer also won’t fill with the right temperature of water if the hot or cold valve on the water inlet valve assembly fails so replace the water inlet valve assembly if a valve fails.

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