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GE Washer Error Codes

GE Washer Error Code: E66 or E67

E66 and E67 error codes are associated with the water level sensor and water temperature sensor, respectively. These sensors play a crucial role in the proper functioning of your washer. When they malfunction, they can trigger these error codes, indicating that it’s time to address the issue.

  1. Safety First: Unplug your GE washer to ensure your safety while performing any troubleshooting or repairs.
  2. Check Wiring Connections: Examine the wiring connections on the water level sensor. Loose or disconnected wires can result in these error codes. Reconnect any wires that are not securely fastened.
  3. Inspect Wire Harness: If the wiring connections appear intact and secure, inspect the wire harness for any visible damage or wear. A damaged wire harness can disrupt the sensor’s communication with the washer’s control board. If you find damage, it’s advisable to replace the wire harness.
  4. Replace Sensor: If the wiring connections and wire harness are in good condition, but the error codes persist, the next step is to replace the faulty sensor. For the E66 error code, replace the water level sensor, and for the E67 error code, replace the water temperature sensor. This replacement is necessary to restore the sensor’s functionality and clear the error codes.

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