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GE Washer Error Codes

GE Washer Error Code: E46

Error Code E46 in your GE washer points to a problem with the drive motor. When the machine detects an issue with the motor or its connections, it will display E46 to alert you. This issue could interrupt the washer’s operation, causing frustration when you’re in the middle of your laundry chores.

  1. Safety First: As a preliminary step, ensure the washer is unplugged from the power source. Safety should always come first when dealing with electrical appliances.
  2. Check Wiring Connections: The E46 error code often indicates an issue with the wiring connections to the drive motor. Carefully inspect all wiring connections to the motor. Look for any loose, disconnected, or damaged wires. Ensure they are securely connected and in good condition.
  3. Reconnect Loose Wiring: If you find any loose or disconnected wires, reattach them to the drive motor. Make sure the connections are snug and secure.
  4. Replace Drive Motor: If the wiring connections appear to be in good condition, but the error code persists, it may be necessary to replace the drive motor. A malfunctioning drive motor can lead to the E46 error code and disrupt the washer’s operation. It’s a more complex repair, and it’s advisable to seek the assistance of a professional technician for motor replacement.

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