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GE Refrigerator error codes

GE Refrigerator Error Code: PF

PF fault code indicates the power supply to your refrigerator has been curtailed. This code appears on the display screen if there is a power outage or when the circuit breaker has been tripped.

Inspect food in the fridge to find out if the food is getting warmer, and the temperature within your fridge is rising. If this is the case, find an alternative source of power and plug your GE refrigerator into the power source.

If the same error code appears despite the current power supply of your refrigerator being consistent, unplug the fridge for a maximum of five minutes then plug it back. If the error code persists, inspect the power code for points of weakness. The power cord could:

  • Not being plugged in well – ensure the plug is well seated in the power outlet. It can cause fluctuations in the power supply if it is loose.
  • Faulty power cord – check the power cord interrogatively to detect faults that may cause power issues. If the wire is faulty, you might have to replace it with a new cord.

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