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GE Refrigerator error codes

GE Refrigerator Error Code: FF

FF fault code is raised when your refrigerator’s temperature rises at an alarming rate. You need to inspect your frozen food for thawing.

GE refrigerator may increase because of several reasons. Loss of power, represented by error code PF, is one of the reasons why your refrigerator is getting warmer. If the PF error code precedes FF code, then cut in the power supply is why your fridge is getting warmer.

Correct this problem, connect your GE refrigerator to a power supply, and close the door for a minimum of two hours for the appliance to restore its cold temperature. FF error code might also be caused by:

  • A faulty thermistor – a thermistor is responsible for tracking GE refrigerator’s temperature and transmitting it to the control board. When it fails, the components that control GE fridge’s temperature will not function optimally.
  • Broken evaporator fan motor – the evaporator fan pulls cold air through the evaporator coils and supplies cold air all over the freezer. If the evaporator fan breaks, the GE refrigerator will get warmer and trigger the FF fault code.
  • Faulty defrost control board – defrost control board controls the defrost cycle to ensure your refrigerator does not build frost. When the defrost control board breaks down, your fridge’s defrost cycle will halt, resulting in the development of frost on the evaporator coils. Consequently, your GE refrigerator will not cool.

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