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GE Refrigerator error codes

GE Refrigerator Error Code: dE

dE fault code from GE refrigerator means that the defrost system of your refrigerator has not been working in the past 24 hours. This problem is caused by:

  • Faulty defrost heater – a faulty defrost heater causes frosting in the evaporator coils, which causes improper defrosting in your GE refrigerator. Replace the defrost heater if it is faulty.
  • Broken defrost timer – a defrost timer sends signals to the defrost heater on when to switch on and melt the frost from the evaporator coils. If the timer fails, the defrost heater will not receive a signal to melt frost, which will, in turn, trigger the dE fault code.
  • Blown Defrost Sensor Fuse – this sensor tracks evaporator temperature. The fuse blows up when the sensor does not halt the defrost system at the required time. This will prevent the defrost system from turning on when needed in the future. Correct this by replacing both the fuse and sensor.

GE refrigerator error codes will help you fix your refrigerator like a professional. Always refer to this guide when you see an error code in your GE refrigerator.

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