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GE Refrigerator error codes

GE Refrigerator Error Code: CI

CI fault code is displayed on the screen if the GE ice maker is not working well. There are multiple reasons why GE refrigerator may not be making ice, including ice jamming the ice maker.

Remove the ice jamming the ice maker then press the system check button to see if the CI code error will resurface. The CI error code could be caused by:

  • Broken water inlet valve – this valve is regulated electronically to ensure the ice maker is consistently supplied with enough water. If the water inlet valve is broken, it will inhibit water from flowing into the ice maker trays, which will trigger the CI fault code.
  • Low water pressure – water filter traps dirt in the water. However, it can be clogged. When it does, it will interfere with the pressure of water flowing into the ice maker. Periodically change the water filter every six months. You also need to ensure the water pressure from the water supply has a minimum pressure of 20 psi. If the pressure goes below 20 psi, the ice maker will not fill.
  • Faulty ice maker assembly – if one component of the ice maker assembly breaks down, the entire system will not work as it is supposed to work. You will have to replace the whole ice maker assembly.

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