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GE Refrigerator error codes

GE Refrigerator Error Code: CC

CC fault code is displayed if there is a difference between real refrigerator temperature and temperature settings of the GE refrigerator. Once this code is displayed, you have to get the freezer temperature beyond safe levels for over 120 minutes.

One of the common reasons why GE freezer fails to freeze is because of dirty or soiled condenser coils. Dirty condenser coils are not able to release heat, therefore triggering CC fault code. Here are other reasons why CC error code displays on the GE refrigerator screen:

  • Broken Compressor – a refrigerator will not cool when it has a faulty compressor. Check if all other cooling components are in order. If yes, then the compressor might be broken. You need to seek the services of a professional to replace the compressor.
  • Broken condenser fan motor – fan motor pulls cold air in via the condenser to cool the fridge. If it breaks down, the whole fried will not cool optimally. Inspect the fan and remove all obstructions preventing fan blades from functioning well. If the fan motor fan is broken, you will have to replace it.
  • Bad start relay – the refrigerator compressor that cools your GE freezer is powered by the start relay. If it breaks down, your freezer will not be able to cool, therefore, triggering a CC fault code.

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