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GE Oven Error Codes

GE Oven Error Code: F4

The Ge Wall Oven F4 Error Code is an oven temperature sensor fault. It means the temperature sensor is shorted (under 950 ohms). The temperature sensor is the probe you see protruding out of the back wall inside the oven. Remove the screws that mount the temperature sensor bracket to the oven and pull it forward, disconnect the plug from the wiring harness and if you have an ohm meter you can test and see if it’s under 950 ohms, if so the sensor is bad.

If the sensor is good the display module control board is bad. If you don’t have a meter or know how to use one just replace the temperature sensor because that is the most common failure that causes the F4 error. If replacing the sensor does not fix the problem the control board is bad.

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