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GE Oven Error Codes

GE Oven Error Code: F22

The GE Oven Error Code F22 indicates that the oven has overheated, which can occur when both the broiler and oven are in operation simultaneously. This error code is a safety feature designed to prevent the oven from becoming dangerously hot. If the F22 error keeps happening, it’s important to check both the oven’s controls and the operation of the cooling fans. Failure in these areas can lead to the issue repeating. Here’s a more detailed explanation of this error code:

1. Oven Overheating: The F22 error code is triggered when the oven temperature exceeds a safe threshold, indicating that it has become too hot.

2. Safety Feature: The error code is a safety feature designed to prevent overheating that could result in damage to the oven or pose a safety hazard.

3. Possible Causes: Running both the broiler and the oven simultaneously can cause the temperature inside the oven to rise rapidly, potentially triggering the error. It can also occur due to a malfunction in the control system.

4. Troubleshooting Steps:

  • If you encounter the F22 error, turn off the oven and let it cool down. After it has cooled, you can restart the oven.
  • If the error code continues to occur, it’s essential to have a qualified appliance technician inspect the unit. They will check the controls and the operation of the cooling fans to diagnose and resolve the issue.

5. Professional Assistance: Given the potential complexities associated with diagnosing and repairing control or cooling fan issues, it is advisable to contact a professional technician. They have the necessary expertise to identify and address the problem accurately.

Remember to disconnect the oven from the power source before attempting any inspections or repairs. The F22 error code, indicating an overheating issue, is best addressed by professionals to ensure the safe and proper operation of your GE oven.

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