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GE Dishwasher Error Codes

GE Dishwasher Error Code: Cup Open

When you encounter the GE Dishwasher error code “Cup Open,” it signifies a specific issue. Here’s a detailed guide on what this error code means and how to address it:

1. Understanding Error Code “Cup Open”: The “Cup Open” error code indicates that the dishwasher has detected an issue with the detergent cup’s closure or position. The dishwasher’s sensor is unable to confirm the proper closure of the detergent cup, and this can prevent the wash cycle from starting.

2. Override and Start the Cycle: If you receive the “Cup Open” error code and the cycle doesn’t begin, you can attempt to override it:

  • Without opening the dishwasher door, press the start pad again. This action can sometimes bypass the error code and initiate the wash cycle.

3. Monitor for Persistence: After attempting the override, monitor the dishwasher’s operation. Ensure that the wash cycle proceeds without any further issues. If the error code “Cup Open” persists and prevents the dishwasher from functioning correctly, it’s an indicator of a more significant issue that requires attention.

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