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GE Dishwasher Error Codes

GE Dishwasher Error Code: C4

Error code C4 in your GE dishwasher indicates drainage issues. Here’s a detailed guide on what this error code means and how to address it:

1. Dishwasher Will Not Drain After Cancelling: If your dishwasher is not draining after you’ve canceled a wash cycle, it can be a cause for concern. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  • First, refer to the C3 error code troubleshooting guide mentioned above. Reset the dishwasher’s power using the circuit breaker as instructed in the C3 guide and check if this clears the problem. It might resolve any temporary glitches.

2. Dishwasher Drains After Cancelling Wash Cycle: If the dishwasher does drain after canceling the wash cycle, it suggests a different issue. Check for the following:

  • Examine if there is anything lodged underneath the overfill float. The overfill float is a safety device that can be obstructed, causing drainage problems. Remove any obstructions carefully if found.

3. Inspect Overfill Float Switch: If nothing is lodged under the overfill float and the dishwasher still doesn’t drain correctly, it’s time to examine the overfill float switch. Follow these steps:

  • Disconnect power to the dishwasher to ensure safety during inspection.
  • Inspect the overfill float switch for proper operation. If you notice any damage, such as a malfunctioning switch, it’s advisable to replace it with a new one.

4. Replacement Parts: Based on your findings and the condition of your dishwasher, you might need to consider replacing certain components:

  • Drain Pump: If the pump is damaged or not functioning correctly, a replacement may be necessary.
  • Drain Hose: Check the drain hose for clogs or damage. If it’s compromised, consider replacing it.
  • Overfill Float Switch: As mentioned, if the overfill float switch is damaged or malfunctioning, it should be replaced with a new one.

By following these troubleshooting steps and replacing any faulty components, you can effectively address GE Dishwasher error code C4. For the replacement parts mentioned, consult your dishwasher’s manual or a professional technician for the correct parts and installation process to ensure your dishwasher operates efficiently.

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