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Electrolux Washer Error Codes

Electrolux Washer Error Code EF1

The EF1 error code is a signal that the drain pump filter or one of the hoses in your Electrolux washer is obstructed. This obstruction could be due to the accumulation of debris, lint, or foreign objects impeding the normal flow of water during the draining process.

Identifying the Culprit:

To begin troubleshooting, inspect the drain pump and hoses for any signs of blockage. Start by locating the drain pump filter, usually situated at the bottom front of your washer. Carefully remove the filter and examine it for any debris that might be hindering proper drainage. Additionally, inspect the hoses connected to the pump for kinks, twists, or clogs.

  1. Clearing the Drain Pump Filter:

    • Unplug your washer to ensure safety.
    • Locate and open the access door or panel to reach the drain pump filter.
    • Remove any visible debris or obstructions from the filter.
    • Clean the filter under running water to ensure it’s free from any residual debris.
    • Reattach the filter securely and close the access door.
  2. Examining Hoses for Blockages:

    • Inspect the hoses connected to the drain pump for any twists, kinks, or visible clogs.
    • If a blockage is found, carefully remove it, ensuring the hose is clear.
    • Confirm that the hoses are securely connected to both the pump and the drainage point.

Once you’ve cleared any obstructions, run a test cycle to ensure proper drainage. Monitor the washer during the draining phase to confirm that water flows smoothly without any disruptions.

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