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Electrolux Washer Error Codes

Electrolux Washer Error Code E61

If your Electrolux washer is displaying the error code E61, you’re dealing with a heating fault during the wash cycle. Don’t fret; we’re here to guide you through the troubleshooting process and provide DIY solutions to banish this error code.

Error code E61 indicates a hiccup in the water heating process of your Electrolux washer. When the water fails to reach the desired temperature during a wash cycle, this code is triggered. The culprits behind E61 are often the heating element, temperature sensor, or, in more severe cases, the control board (PCB).

Here’s a step-by-step guide to tackling Error Code E61 on your own:

  1. Check the Heating Element: Use a multimeter to test the continuity of the heating element. If there’s a break in continuity, it’s a clear sign of a faulty heating element. Replace it with a compatible part.
  2. Inspect the Temperature Sensor: Similarly, test the continuity of the temperature sensor. A lack of continuity suggests a malfunction, necessitating a replacement.
  3. Verify PCB Functionality: If the heating element and temperature sensor pass the test, the next suspect is the control board (PCB). Unfortunately, this component is not as DIY-friendly. Consider seeking professional assistance or contacting Electrolux for guidance.

Replacement Procedures:

  • Heating Element: Remove the faulty heating element by following your washer’s user manual. Install the new heating element in its place, ensuring a secure connection.
  • Temperature Sensor: Locate the temperature sensor, typically near the heating element. Replace it carefully, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • PCB Replacement: If the PCB is at fault, it’s advisable to consult Electrolux customer support or enlist the help of a professional technician to ensure proper installation.


  • Always disconnect your washer from the power source before attempting any DIY repairs.
  • Refer to your Electrolux washer’s manual for specific instructions and part numbers.

By addressing Error Code E61 with these DIY solutions, you can potentially resolve the issue and restore your Electrolux washer to optimal performance. If you find yourself unsure or uncomfortable with the process, our team at Appliance Repair Los Angeles

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