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Electrolux Washer Major Issues

Electrolux Washer Drum Issues

If you’re facing problems with the drum in your Electrolux washer, our team of expert technicians is here to provide efficient solutions.

If the drum is not turning during the wash cycle, we’ll inspect the drive belt, motor, and related components to identify and address issues.

Unusual noises during operation will prompt an examination of drum bearings, shocks, and support springs to resolve mechanical issues.

If the drum is not rotating properly or experiencing irregular movement, we’ll check for obstructions, assess motor function, and inspect the belt for wear and tear.

Excessive vibration issues will lead us to examine the leveling of the appliance, inspect shock absorbers, and ensure proper drum balance.

Water leaks from the drum area will be addressed by examining the door seal, detergent dispenser, and hoses.

Inconsistent or non-existent spinning of the drum will prompt an assessment of the motor, drive belt, and control board.

Misalignment issues will be resolved by inspecting and adjusting the drum’s alignment.

If foreign objects are causing problems, we’ll thoroughly inspect the drum and remove any foreign items affecting the washer’s performance.

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