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Electrolux Refrigerator Error Codes

Electrolux Refrigerator Error Code Er

If your Electrolux refrigerator is displaying the error code ER, it’s time to delve into the intricacies of this code for effective troubleshooting. This code typically points to issues related to the Icemaker board and its connections. Follow our comprehensive guide to identify and resolve the ER error code.

1. Check J4-4, J4-5, and J4-6 Connectors on the Icemaker Board:

  • Locate the Icemaker board in your Electrolux refrigerator.
  • Inspect the J4-4, J4-5, and J4-6 connectors for any loose or damaged connections.
  • Ensure a secure and snug fit for each connector.

2. Examine J4 Connector at the Main Control Board:

  • Locate the Main Control board, usually situated in the control panel of the refrigerator.
  • Check the J4 connector for any signs of disconnection or damage.
  • Reconnect any loose connections securely.

3. Inspect the 15-Pin Inline Connector at the Control Board (Pin#’s 4, 9 & 14):

  • Locate the 15-pin inline connector on the control board.
  • Specifically, focus on Pin#’s 4, 9, and 14 of the connector.
  • Ensure that these pins are securely connected and free from any damage.

4. If All Connections Test Good, Check the Control Board:

  • If all the aforementioned connections appear intact, the issue may lie with the control board itself.
  • Consider inspecting the control board for any visible damage or signs of malfunction.
  • In case of suspicion, consult with a professional technician for further diagnostics.

Stay tuned to our blog for more in-depth insights into Electrolux refrigerator error codes, troubleshooting tips, and maintenance advice. Your satisfaction is our priority at Appliance Repair Los Angeles!

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