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Electrolux Washer Major Issues

Electrolux Oven Electronic Control Malfunctions

If you’re experiencing electronic control malfunctions in your Electrolux oven, our team is here to provide effective solutions.

Unresponsive Controls:

If your control panel is not responding to inputs, our technicians can quickly diagnose and address issues with the control board or keypad, ensuring a responsive interface.

Error Codes on Display:

Should your oven display error codes or unexpected messages, our experts will pinpoint the cause, addressing sensor malfunctions, wiring issues, or internal component failures affecting the display.

Temperature Inaccuracy:

For issues where the oven temperature doesn’t align with the set temperature, our team will troubleshoot and fix temperature sensor problems, calibrate the system, or replace a malfunctioning thermostat.

Inconsistent Heating or Heating Element Issues:

If you’re experiencing uneven or inconsistent heating, we’ll identify and resolve issues with the heating elements, whether it’s a faulty element, relay problem, or related issue.

Timer and Clock Malfunctions:

For problems with timer or clock functions, our technicians will address issues with the clock assembly, control board, or any wiring problems affecting timekeeping functions.

Self-Cleaning Function Problems:

If your oven’s self-cleaning feature is causing issues, our team will investigate and rectify problems with the door lock mechanism, temperature sensors, or control board affecting the self-cleaning process.

Keypad or Touchpad Issues:

Should certain buttons on the control panel be unresponsive, we’ll diagnose and resolve issues with the keypad, touchpad, or control board to ensure seamless operation.

Oven Door Locking Problems:

If your oven door isn’t locking during self-cleaning, our experts will address faults in the door lock assembly, motorized lock mechanism, or control board affecting the locking function.

Display Flickering or Dimming:

For display issues such as flickering or appearing dim, our technicians will investigate power supply problems, control board issues, or display module malfunctions to ensure a clear and stable display.

Continuous Beeping:

If your oven emits continuous beeping sounds, our team will identify and resolve issues with the keypad, control board, or any error conditions triggering the alarm.


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