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Electrolux Dryer Major Issues

Electrolux Dryer Not Starting

A dryer that doesn’t turn on can leave more questions than answers, especially about what to do with wet laundry. Why is my Electrolux dryer not starting? The door may not be properly closed or the latch that secures it may be damaged. To quickly solve the problem, try these troubleshooting tips when your Electrolux dryer won’t start.

5 Common Causes For An Electrolux Dryer Not Starting

An Electrolux dryer not starting may very well need a professional repair. However, sometimes the solution requires just a simple DIY fix. Here’s how to find the most likely answers when your dryer won’t start.

Problem With Dryer Power Supply

If the dryer isn’t receiving adequate electrical power it won’t be able to start. Even gas-fueled dryers require electricity to power the control panel and other components.

Here’s how to assess for power supply problems:

  • Make sure the dryer is plugged in to a functioning outlet: If it’s properly plugged in, test the outlet by unplugging the dryer and plugging in a small appliance. If the appliance doesn’t turn on, the outlet may be faulty and should be checked by an electrician.
  • Look for tripped breakers or blown fuses: Reset any tripped breakers and replace broken fuses in your home’s circuit breaker or fuse box.
  • Avoid extension cords: These cords can’t safely conduct the electrical voltage a dryer requires, resulting in overheating that can shut down function.

If the dryer wasn’t receiving adequate power, it may need to be reset after power is restored. While there is no Electrolux dryer reset button, resetting the dryer is easy. Simply unplug it, wait 3 minutes, and plug it in again.

Wrong Cycle Options Selected

An Electrolux dryer not starting immediately may be set on the wrong drying cycle. Some drying cycles or functions prevent an immediate start when the dryer is turned on. For example, if the Delayed Start function is enabled, the dryer will start operating at a later, predetermined time. To disable the Delayed Start feature, turn the dryer off and on again.

If the Child Lock feature is enabled all control panel functions are locked, including the Start button, as a safety precaution. Usually, the control panel will display a padlock icon or the letters LOC when Child Lock is engaged. The Child Lock feature can be disabled by pressing two control panel buttons together simultaneously. As the exact two buttons vary depending on your model dryer, consult your user manual for specific disabling instructions. 

Dryer Door Is Not Latched Shut

Is the Start/Pause button on your Electrolux dryer flashing? This usually indicates that the door isn’t shut. As a safety precaution, the dryer won’t start if the door isn’t completely closed. Always give the door a firm push to ensure the latch engages before pressing the Start button. If the door won’t close, make sure clothing isn’t blocking the latch.

Wondering how to speed up your dryer and prevent blockages? Avoid overloading by only filling the dryer ¾ of the way full with each load.

If there’s nothing blocking the latch and it still won’t engage, it may be broken. Usually, the latch makes a clicking sound when it engages. If you don’t hear a click, it’s possible the latch is damaged and requires professional replacement.

Blown Dryer Thermal Fuse

If your Electrolux dryer clicks but won’t start the thermal fuse may have blown. This fuse acts as a safety device that blows when the dryer is in danger of overheating, cutting off power. The dryer will continue to make a clicking sound without turning on until the thermal fuse is replaced.

When the fuse blows, it’s recommended that you check the dryer vents for blockages, as this is a common cause of overheating. Remove any blockages before replacing the Electrolux dryer thermal fuse.

Defective Electrolux Dryer Start Switch

When you press the Start button it signals the Electrolux dryer start switch to begin a drying cycle. However, if the switch is defective the dryer won’t receive this signal and won’t begin drying. If the dryer remains silent when you press the Start button, it’s likely that the start switch has failed. We recommend replacement by a professional dryer repair service.

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