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Bosch Washer Error Codes

Bosch Washer Error Code Er:07

The Er:07 error code points to a situation where the washer’s heating element is heating up the water without receiving the command from the control module. This can happen for a couple of reasons, and here’s what you can do to resolve it.

Step 1: Safety First – Unplug the Washer:

The first and most crucial step when dealing with any appliance issue is safety. Unplug your Bosch washer to ensure there’s no electricity running to it during the troubleshooting process.

Step 2: Check the Heater:

Examine the heater for visible damage. Over time, wear and tear can cause the heating element to malfunction. If you find any damage, such as a broken coil or exposed wires, it’s essential to replace the heater.

Step 3: Potential Short Circuit:

A damaged heater might be shorting out, coming into contact with the metal cabinet of the washer, which can cause the element to heat constantly. This is a dangerous situation, and replacing the heater is crucial to ensure safety.

Step 4: If the Heater is Okay:

If you find that the heater is not damaged and there are no visible issues, it’s time to consider the control module. The control module contains a relay that controls the heater, and it may be stuck in the “On” position, causing the unexpected heating. In this case, replacing the control module is the solution.

While some DIY-savvy individuals may be comfortable replacing the heater or control module, it’s essential to exercise caution and consider seeking professional help, especially if you’re uncertain about the diagnosis or the replacement process. A professional technician can ensure that the repair is carried out safely and effectively.

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