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Bosch Dishwasher Error Codes

Bosch Dishwasher Error code E08

Bosch dishwashers are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, but like any complex appliance, they can encounter issues from time to time. One common way a Bosch dishwasher communicates a problem is through error codes. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at one specific error code: E08, which indicates a “Loss of Water.” We’ll provide detailed insights into what this error code means and how you can address it effectively.

Understanding Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E08

When your Bosch dishwasher displays the error code E08, it signifies that the water level in the machine has unexpectedly dropped during the wash cycle. This sudden loss of water can disrupt the normal operation of your dishwasher and prevent it from cleaning your dishes effectively.

Possible Causes of Error Code E08: Loss of Water

  1. Overturned Dishes Collecting Water: The first thing to check when you encounter this error is the inside of your dishwasher. Overturned dishes or cookware may be obstructing the spray arms or causing water to pool in one area of the machine. This can lead to uneven distribution of water during the wash cycle.
  2. Water Supply Issue: Another potential cause of E08 is a problem with the water supply. Check that the water inlet valve is functioning correctly and that there are no kinks or obstructions in the water supply line. A disrupted water supply can result in the dishwasher not having enough water to complete the cycle.

Steps to Address Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E08

  1. Inspect the Dishwasher Interior: Carefully open the dishwasher and check for any overturned dishes or utensils that might be interfering with the spray arms. Make sure that the dishwasher racks are properly aligned to allow for even water distribution.
  2. Check the Water Supply: Examine the water inlet valve and the water supply line for any issues. Ensure that the valve is open, and there are no kinks or blockages in the water supply line.
  3. Reset the Dishwasher: In some cases, resetting the dishwasher can clear the error code. You can do this by turning off the dishwasher, unplugging it from the power source, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging it back in.
  4. Consult the User Manual: If the error code persists, refer to your Bosch dishwasher’s user manual. It may provide specific troubleshooting steps for error code E08 or direct you to contact customer support.

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