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Asko Dishwasher Error Codes

Asko Dishwasher Error Code FB

Dive into the intricacies of your Asko dishwasher as we explore the enigmatic Error Code FB. This code points directly to a Spray Arm Divider Fault, suggesting an issue with the position contact that is either continuously closed or open.

Understanding the Fault:

The program continues despite the error, and the indication manifests exclusively in the service menu. This discreet notification alerts users to a potential problem within the spray arm divider system.

Diagnostic Focus:

To pinpoint the root cause, meticulous attention is required. Check the functionality of the gearbox, examining its contacts and wiring. The spray arm divider’s performance hinges on these elements, and any deviation from the norm may trigger the FB error code.

Continuous Position Contact:

When the position contact remains perpetually closed, it disrupts the normal operation of the spray arm divider. This anomaly demands a thorough examination of the gearbox, with a keen eye on potential issues affecting the contacts and wiring.

Open Position Contact:

Conversely, if the position contact stays persistently open, it signifies another facet of the spray arm divider fault. In this scenario, a detailed inspection of the gearbox, contacts, and wiring is imperative to identify and rectify the issue.

Programme Continuation:

Despite the error, the dishwasher perseveres with its program. This nuanced behavior underlines the importance of timely diagnosis and intervention to maintain optimal functionality.

Service Menu Indication:

The FB error code discreetly surfaces in the service menu, emphasizing the need for periodic checks and a proactive approach to dishwasher maintenance. Familiarizing yourself with the service menu can be instrumental in catching potential issues before they escalate.

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