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Amana Refrigerator Major Issues

Amana Refrigerator ice is dirty

01 – Amana Refrigerator Water Supply Tube

During normal use the water supply tubes will have water flowing through them keeping them clean. If the water supply gets disconnected or water is left in the tube and not used for 6 to 12 months, it can become discolored. If the water at the other faucets in the house is ok and you have replaced the water filter you may need to replace the water tubing to the ice maker to resolve the issue.

02 – Amana Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly

If the icemaker tray has a coating, the coating may be wearing off. If you are getting pieces or chunks of material stuck in the ice, check the ice maker tray. If the coating on the tray is corroded and flaking off, replace the icemaker.

03 – Dirty Water Supply

The water supplied to the house may be dirty. The ice maker uses the same water as the faucet. Often, a fire hydrant that was flushed or a broken water main can cause dirty water. In these cases, you should run the water for awhile at the faucet to clear out the lines and discard the ice until the water clears up.

04 – Amana Refrigerator Water Filter

If the ice being dispensed is dirty, it’s possible that residue from an old water filter is getting into the water being supplied to the ice maker. Water filters should be replaced every six months for optimum water filtration.

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