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Amana Refrigerator Error Codes

Amana Refrigerator Error Code PO

If you’ve encountered the Amana Refrigerator Error Code PO, don’t panic – it’s a helpful indicator designed to inform you about a recent power outage. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what this code means and how to address it:

Error Code Description:

The “PO” error code specifically relates to a Power Outage. This occurs when the refrigerator has detected that the power supply was interrupted, causing the freezer temperature to rise to 18 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Visual and Auditory Cues:

When the power outage is detected, the control panel temperature display will show “PO,” accompanied by an alert tone that sounds three times. This serves as an immediate alert to draw your attention to the power interruption.

Confirmation Process:

To acknowledge the power outage and clear the “PO” error code, you need to take a simple step. The control panel will prompt you with a blinking “Confirm” message. To confirm the power outage, press the “MEASURED FILL” button under “Confirm.”

Resolution Steps:

Once you’ve pressed “MEASURED FILL” to confirm the power outage, the “PO” will disappear from the display. Your refrigerator will then return to the Home screen, and normal operation will resume.

Importance of Confirmation:

Confirming the power outage is crucial because it ensures that you are aware of the recent disruption and allows the refrigerator to reset and resume proper functioning. This feature is designed to safeguard your food by alerting you to potential temperature fluctuations during the outage.

In summary, if you see the Amana Refrigerator Error Code PO, follow the simple steps to confirm the power outage. This quick response will help maintain the optimal temperature settings and ensure the continued freshness of your stored items.

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