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Amana Oven Error Codes

Amana Oven / Ranges Error Code F3 F4

The Amana Oven/Ranges Error Code F3 indicates an issue with the oven temperature sensor, signaling either an open or a shorted circuit. This crucial component is responsible for monitoring and regulating the oven’s temperature, ensuring accurate and consistent cooking results. When the sensor malfunctions, it can lead to temperature irregularities and trigger the F3 error code.

DIY Solutions for Error Code F3:

  1. Inspect the Oven Temperature Sensor:

    • Begin by turning off the power to the oven to ensure safety during inspection.
    • Locate the oven temperature sensor, usually positioned at the rear wall inside the oven cavity.
    • Carefully remove the sensor and visually inspect it for any visible damage, such as frayed wires or corrosion.
  2. Check for Wiring Issues:

    • Examine the wiring connecting the temperature sensor to the oven’s control board. Look for loose connections, damaged wires, or signs of wear.
    • If any issues are found, consider repairing or replacing the damaged wiring. Ensure all connections are secure.
  3. Test the Oven Temperature Sensor:

    • Use a multimeter to check the resistance of the temperature sensor. A functional sensor typically has a resistance of around 1080 ohms at room temperature.
    • If the resistance is significantly higher or lower than the expected range, it may indicate a faulty sensor that needs replacement.
  4. Replace the Oven Temperature Sensor:

    • If inspection and testing reveal issues with the oven temperature sensor, it is advisable to replace the sensor with a new, compatible part.
    • Consult your oven’s user manual or the Amana website for information on the correct replacement part for your model.

By following these DIY solutions, you can take proactive steps to address Error Code F3 on your Amana Oven/Ranges related to the oven temperature sensor. Always prioritize safety and, when in doubt, seek assistance from a qualified technician.

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