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Sub-Zero Top 5 Common Problems

Why Is My Sub-Zero Refrigerator Not Cooling?

It can be frustrating if your Sub-Zero refrigerator is malfunctioning and not keeping the cold temperature it’s famous for, especially because these well-constructed models can be costly! In this article, we’ll give you all the reasons why your Sub-Zero could be malfunctioning as well as where to go if you need additional help.

Begin By Checking The Display

Sub-Zero refrigerators will display error codes if there is a malfunction, which is why the best place to start is to check the control panel. The control panel is at the very top of the interior of the fridge, if there is an error code, refer to your manual and see what the issue is. If nothing’s showing, it may be that the door was ajar. If a Sub-Zero fridge door hasn’t closed all the way, cold air escapes, raising the internal temperature of the fridge. Generally, there’s an alarm that goes off when the door is left open and you’d be aware but it also could be that the gasket or door’s seal needs replacing.

Incorrect Settings

If your Sub-Zero fridge isn’t staying cold, it could be due to its settings. Your Sub-Zero refrigerator’s temperature should be set at 38°F, with the freezer at 0°F. If your fridge isn’t producing ice, it’s most likely because the freezer is set too high. For fridges with dial control, it should be set between 4-6. It’s important to note that it can take hours to a full day for the temperature to fully adjust so be patient!

Dirty Or Dusty Coils

Sub-Zero refrigerator coils need to be cleaned yearly or bi-yearly, otherwise, they get dusty and won’t beagle to remove heat from the refrigerant. For Designer models, the grille is located at the bottom of the unit with the coils behind, and for the Pro Series and Classic, the coils are located at the top of the model. Clean them by removing the grille and either wiping away dust with a refrigerator coil cleaning brush or vacuuming it using a narrow attachment. Depending on how dirty the coils are you may have to do one or both of these methods to get your fridge functioning properly again.

Problem With The Fan Motor Function

Issues with the Sub-Zero condenser fan or evaporator fan are among the most common reasons why a fridge won’t get or stay cold. A condenser fan circulated cold air over the coils, and you can check the blade for obstructions to determine if it’s malfunctioning. The evaporator fan, located in the freezer compartment, circulates cold air across the entire unit. If either of these is broken or unable to spin when you move them, they need to be replaced.

Get Help With Your Sub-Zero Refrigerator

After you’ve addressed these possible issues, your fridge should be working. If you’re still unable to get your Sub-Zero to cool, it is most likely because you need a repair company. Appliance Repair Los Angeles are trained specialists who work specifically with Sub-Zero models and can help get your refrigerator back up and running in no time!

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