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Washer machines break down. Why?

Washer Repair Los Angeles

Washer equipment most often fails due to the fact that the parts are worn out, or a factory marriage occurred, but because the equipment was improperly installed and operated in violation of the rules.

The drainage system is clogged. This is the most common problem with which consumers turn to specialists in repair and maintenance of such equipment. To extract small parts of things and other items: laces, coins, hooks, etc., you have to partially disassemble the machine, which complicates the work. Penetration of foreign objects into the tank can lead to more serious consequences: breakage of the tank itself, branch pipe, damage to the heater, damage to the impeller pumps, etc.

Often, handles of machinery hatches come off, the hatches themselves, cuffs are damaged, handles and control buttons break. The heating elements break down, which is caused by the formation of scale. More often the TEN breaks down, because powders with too much foaming are used, not intended for use in the “automatic machine”, soap or an excessive amount of the product is used. On TEN formed film, poorly washed away with water, which leads to overheating of the device and the final breakdown.

The drum overloaded with linen also causes a breakdown of the “stick”. The drive belt is broken. However, the consequences can be more serious, requiring the repair of all equipment. The overloaded machine vibrates very much, the front model is depressurized, the vertical model is deformed. The Omentum is damaged. And the water that gets through it into the bearing causes its rusting. The machine starts to rattle and after a short time goes out of order.

How to fix some breakdowns

Washer Machine Errors

1. Water does not drain.

– The drainage system is clogged, this can lead to damage to the drain pump.

2. The water in the machine does not heat up.

– The heater fell out of order.

3. The machine does not turn on.

– Breakage of the start button or the network filter.
– The hatch lock does not function.
– The control unit of the machine was broken (expensive and difficult repairs).
– the socket is not working properly (it is necessary to check by switching on another device or using a tester).

4. The functioning machine produces extraneous noises.

– A foreign solid object, for example, metal, could get into the drum.

5. The drum shaft broke.

– Signs – “rusty” flaws on the tank, visible when the rear or side cover of the machine is removed (depending on the loading option). Only such specialists will be able to eliminate such a serious breakdown.

6. The circuit breakers on the switchboard are knocked out.

– The heater broke.
– “Automatic” weak, not designed for heavy load. If after switching on a more powerful appliance in the socket, the “automatic machines” are again “knocked out”, without an electrician the malfunction can not be eliminated, but if not “knocked out”, then call the master of the washer┬ámachine.

7. Water under the machine.

– Pipes or problem in the drain-drain system are defective.
– “The tank” flows.
– Damaged hatch gasket.

8. No rotation of the drum.

– The engine or control system has broken. Have to replace the failed parts.

9. The machine “punctures the body”.

– The equipment may be improperly installed or illiterately earthed. With the elimination of such a breakdown will cope only with a professional who is versed in the electrician.

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